Smoking weed does not automatically make a person unmotivated nor a loser. Some of the worlds most influential people either do or have habitually smoke marijuana at some point during there lives(Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, the list goes on) Contrary to the misguided an unproven notion that marijuana use kills brain cells, many users can actually confirm that Cannabis opens the door for expansion of unconventional critical thinking. Marijuana is 100% safe, has been shown to cure cancer, an is a all natural alternative to a myriad of pharmaceutical an treatments. Doctors prescribe millions of mind numbering an physically addictive pills to the masses for daily use an no one calls their users “losers” Why should people who choose to medicate with a completely safe an natural alternative be treated any differently? #educateyourself #ignorancebreedshate #raw #fuckcancer

by curlyheadedfcks
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