#Repost from @fxckcancer with @repostapp — Turn your profile picture GOLD!!! In honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we would like to say, “#FxCKCANCER for taking all the INNOCENT lives too soon, affecting those who are currently FIGHTING, and the survivors who continue to face chronic health challenges daily. RE-POST and help us RAISE AWARENESS for those in the trenches or who have fought the completely unfair shitty fight we know all too well. We raise our voices loudly and shout #FUCKCANCER! We beg people to listen! We wear gold and post gold ribbons everywhere we can. We spout facts at every opportunity and we tell our stories with a vengeance. We have HOPE that one day a cure will be found! -FxC Cancer is the leading cause of death among children under 15 in the United States. 7 INNOCENT CHILDREN DIE EACH DAY FROM CANCER 46 INNOCENT CHILDREN ARE DIAGNOSED EACH DAY WITH CANCER 1 IN EVERY 5 CHILDREN DIAGNOSED LOSES THEIR LIFE FROM CANCER

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